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We are talking to the lawyer that handled my divorce but in the mean time as I a bipolar, depression and mental illness non violent and a sufferer of anxiety I am really terrified at the thought when I thought things would be ok that I could lose all and be sent back to America and I can say I will surely die because I have no one and no support system.

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My partner understands me and is a huge support and help. Unfortunately when the auslandesbehorde asked about the divorce and separation we both being unsure what to do or say my fiance did not tell him the whole truth so we are hoping the lawyer can help rectify this and tell the auslandesbehorde the situation and that it does not endanger my being able to stay. I have friends,a petand people I call family and a better life here and I am not living on German benefits I have disability from America but its not alot to live on but enough with my partner so I so not use German welfare. My new visa is set to expire 30 April but I am worried anyday they could take it just because I am not living anymore with my husband.

I love my partner so much and wish he had been the person I came here for originally.

I can not live with begin taken away because the first person I was with quickly turned into such a horrible person. I cant express the fear and distress I have right now but I hope theres some help or hope for me. You could also go to any other Schengen country. Hallo Andreas, I have a problem which I think you can help me. I got married to German citizen in Dec. Please can that affect my renewal of my aufenhaltherlaubnis with separation of the address?

Please I need your help before any harm can be cause. Thank you so much and God bless you. If you separate even without a divorce , your residence permit will become void. If the immigration authorities find out about it, they might rescind it. Only after having been living together at the same address for 3 years, you could receive a residence permit which is independent of your marriage.

You have two options: 1 Trying to keep it secret from the immigration authorities. My cuzz is married to a German man since 12 years and they live in Germany since that time, they were married in her origin country Jordan. She has residency in Germany. I am an American married to a German. We have always lived in the US. We have been married about 7 and a half years. He has only worked for about a year and a half in the US. He is a permanent resident. I can not tolerate the verbal abusive situations he sets up.

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He humiliates me in front of other men. I have tried to talk to him and he agrees to stop only to do it again. I have even tried writing emails to explain how it makes me feel. He says nothing if I use email and if I try to talk to him verbally, he accuses me of yelling at him and he gets very abusive and defensive.

I am so tired of the whole thing. I want as quick and clean divorce as possible. I take it that it would be easier to do while he is still here in the US. I am on Social Security and I am concerned that I might would have to support him. Could you at least tell me how to get started.

I am not interested in romantic relationships now or in the future. I just want peace and no more arguments and abuse. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer. I have done well but it makes it hard when I feel emotionally abused. Please just get me started. Part of his problem is alcohol I think. Thanks for any help you can offer. Because you are both living in the US, it would be better to contact an attorney in the state where you reside. The state I divorced in does not allow to remarry for 6 months once the divorce is granted.

However, I can go to a different state and remarry as long as I do not reside in the state where the divorce was granted for the 6 month period. What prompted me to finally complete the divorce process was the desire to move on with my life and marry my German girlfriend. Hello, I have a question. I have a friend Africa who got married German woman. As they were Married, this woman had an Affair with her X boyfriend too. So, the woman got pregnant from her X boyfriend and she threw her husband out of the house.

So the husband when to live alone and he looked for a full time job.

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So, one day he was at work and his women with her X boyfriend went to the Immigration office and they sent Policemen to her working place and he was thrown out of work. One day he was not at his house and some men brooke to his house and Stole some things. So his Duldung expired expecting to be given his passport because he knew he could live as he had a good job but has he went the Immigration office denied him and he was told to live out of German.

He left his new job too. Is there anything you can help him as he was denied his right? Have seen your Contact. Hello Andreas, Let me start by thanking you for all the help you provide to people, I can see many people have a better idea about their statuses after you have adviced them. I am a Salvadoran citizen living in Germany, my wife is German.

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I have almost two years of living in Germany with Aufenthalstitel. Things are not going well in our marriage and it might end soon. How long can I stay in Germany after we decide to separate? Mywife says I have to leave immediately, which I think is BS. Please advise.

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  6. However, if you have a residence permit based on the marriage, it can become void already as soon as you are separated if the immigration authorities learn of that fact , not only once you are divorced. Thanks for the response, Andreas. I guess I have to start looking for legal assistance if it comes to this. I have spent thousands of Euros in consumer durables and other expenses that dried my bank account, things that she would keep and have benefited her.

    Again, thanks for your help! I am an American citizen my husband is a German citizen. He came over on a visitors visa and we were married in the USA. He went back home and because of not being able to sponsor him he never moved here and we separated. He filed for divorce in Germany and we have no assets or children together. Once the divorce is final will they send me a divorce decree? And who would I give it to here in the USA to make our divorce legal here? If the German court has your address, then they will send you all the paperwork, including the divorce decree once it will be issued.

    I suspect it might be different in each state. We have been together in our relationship for 10 years, but married since August in Venezuela, and came here on October , things didnt work out, and now we want to get a divorce, but since we dont have 3 years married within living in Germany, will this be an issue?

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    We both live on harz V. No, the Family Court would not care about that. If anyone possibly the immigration authorities will ever accuse you of a convenience marriage, you can easily point out to the long relationship before that. Thank you so much for your answer! And what type of documents do I need to give?. Best regards Anna.

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    The German court would apply German law because this is the place of your last joint residence, unless you both choose to apply Venezuelan law Art. Hi Andreas, Thank you for the informative website! I have been a silent reader so far. Would you be able to tell me what would happen to my Niederlassungserlaubnis after leaving Germany for more than a year? I got this permit because I was married to a German guy — I lived in Germany for more than 5 years and I also worked full time while living there.

    Would I still be able to keep the Niderlassungserlaubnis for example for work purposes if I should decide to return to Germany again in the near future?

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    Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer my question. If you want to leave longer and keep it valid, you need to obtain prior permission from the German immigration authorities. Can you tell me what it is and how I obtain one? You will need to petition the German court to grant you an exception from the requirement to provide such a document.