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First there is Merric Vale, he is a complete mystery, and people are telling Jessica to stay away because he's dangerous. However, whenever she is around him, she feels safe and protected. Then there is Ronan. And she likes it. He has shown that he is interested in her, but can she trust him?

He is a part of the League that is feeding information to the enemy, is he a part of it? Or is he unaware of what is actually going on? Will Jessica finally be able to trust enough to let someone new in? Will she be able to defeat the threat against her? This was my first steam punk novel and I was not disappointed.

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This was a fast paced book that was very hard to put down. Throughout the story, you're constantly guessing what's going to happen next, or who the one responsible is. And at the end, you get a major surprise that throws you off balance and wanting more. I'm looking forward to what happens next to Jessica Grimm. Jan 14, Kimber Wheaton rated it really liked it Shelves: new-adult. I received this book from the author in exchange for and honest review. While I don't think it's completely necessary to read that series first, I recommend it.

I haven't read it, and I felt a bit overwhelmed at times while reading this book. Jessica's prior adventures sound so exciting, I can't wait to read them. Part romance, part I received this book from the author in exchange for and honest review. Part romance, part action-adventure, part steampunk with never a dull moment just about sums up this novel.

Even though I was lost at times, I still enjoyed the unique and intricate plot. I love the fantasy world M. Fletcher has created that parallels the human world. It is really quite fascinating. Jess is a great, kick-ass female protagonist. She is a fighter through and through, as well as a survivor. Not only that but she's intelligent and witty. Jess is surrounded by espionage and intrigue.

Poor girl doesn't know who she can trust.

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After surviving a horrific attack, she's left with both physical and emotional scars that haunt her on a daily basis. For a girl who thinks she bears disgusting scars, she seems to have two very attractive men interested in her. Although, she doesn't feel like she can trust either one of them.

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She is partnered with Ronan to hunt down the woman after her power. He is rather blatant in his advances. I never liked the guy and found it rather annoying when Jess softened to him. I much prefer the powerful and enigmatic Merric. Alas, this novel ends in one heck of a cliffhanger, so be prepared going in.

The Grimm Chronicles

Oct 25, Multimemo rated it liked it. Another series from the author of The Doorknob Society! However, this series is actually a spin-off of The Doorknob Society which to be honest I just hoped for another story, another world, mainly because MJ Fletcher has this really creative way with plots and I know that it wouldn't have been a disappointed.

Nonetheless, the story was still good and thrilling but had some flaws here and there that kinda lessened my overall rating and enjoyment of the story. The plot was really fun to read and Another series from the author of The Doorknob Society! The plot was really fun to read and original, I liked how action-packed it all through the story, leaves you no space to get bored. However, I just keep picking up on similarities between this story and The Doorknob Society series which is, I have to say was my favorite. What I didn't like about this book was the fact that reading Jess's character, I found her personality to be somewhat similar to this of Chloe's which was such a disappointment.

They were both the same kind of bad-ass female characters, at least to me. I just expected a new character - bad-ass yes but different - and although I loved Jess's character but it was close to reading another story with a similar main character. The romantic aspect was cute, still not fully clear so I can't wait to read the next book to find out but there were new characters, some whom were the mysterious type of guys and whatnot but I liked the characters.

And I totally found the delimma that was facing Jess and endangering her life to be interesting.

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Overall, I still enjoyed the story and I am planning on reading the next book. And although I wasn't pulled into the story as much I hoped to, I went through the pages of this book like a maniac. Fast-paced, action-packed story with an original plot and an ending that was such a cliffhanger but it was also exciting and slightly unpredictable.

And so again, for all of those who loves reading fantasy novels, I would say to give this book a try. Dec 21, Laura Greenwood rated it really liked it. Jessica Grimm is scarred by her past, and is controlled by the need to find a device which will save her from the artifact which is slowly killing her.

But her life is full of twists and turns and Jess doesn't know who she can trust, even with the handsome men that are hanging around her. And she certainly can't trust the League, even after they have accepted her into their folds. Not to mention that Jess has to overcome her nightmares and her insecurities in order to discover who is hunting her and why!

I must say, it is ridiculously refreshing to have a strong female character who has a weakness. Not a bad weakness as such, but Jess is scarred by her past and her nightmares, which is in complete contrast to her outer strength and capabilities.

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Saying that, loved Jess' strength as a character, after all I love to read about strong female leads! My problem with writing a review for this book is that I really don't want to give anything away, and that is basically really restricting what I can actually talk about! I loved the twists and turns that happened throughout the book, can't say that I was expecting many of them! And the action, I haven't read a book with quite so many action scenes in quite a while, and I enjoyed them!

Something else I found really interesting was the way in which Jess' character developed. Unlike most lead characters, the defining events of her life on her character happened before the start of the book and I would really like to see a prequel telling about some of those! I also have to admit to being surprised that it worked!

But thankfully it did. I really enjoyed this book! Well worth the read!

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Jan 12, Chayse Sundt rated it really liked it. I love steam-punk novels because I know that I will never be disappointed. For this book that was exactly what it was, I was not disappointed at all. Fletcher captured my attention right from the beginning and held onto me till the very end. I felt the book was fast-paced for me. Everything flowed perfectly well and by the end it left me wanting more. I feel that it being also an ebook also helped with that but besides that the story was a great NA read. I feel that every NA book that I have been reading have been more than great.

Jess is a girl who I feel has major trusting issues. However, after reading what she goes through in her life, I would too.

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She learns to trust people that come into the story later on in throughout the book and Nyla is not helping her. But which evil character helps the main character anyway. I feel she was a good villain and these two characters are what made the story even more exciting. Overall this book is a great read for someone who is looking for kick-ass heroine and a story full of action and adventure. I will totally be checking out this author and her books and I recommend you do the same.

I give this book 4 bites! Dec 23, Alina Popescu rated it really liked it. Jess is a very interesting female lead. Scarred out of her initial image of herself — the pretty girl that always looks perfect and finds flirting easy, she is now focused on fighting. For her friends, for her life, for what she considers to be right. Merric, the Jess is a very interesting female lead. Merric, the enigmatic bar owner with unknown powers and a mystery of a past, was by far my favorite male in the story.

The one who does not promise or offer help, yet is there right on cue, I found myself rooting for him from the first moment he was introduced. The evil woman in the story, Nyla, with her signature flowers and a need to go after everyone, was a great choice of opponent for Jess.