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In the narrow sense it would represent the sinner that he seeks to save, but we get a much more interesting picture if we think of the pearl as the church that he paid the price for, that price was his life. The church is one pearl, one body composed of those he has sought out through the ages and he purchased it with his blood. Acts It is pleasing to know that when Jesus finds us, we are not someone who he has stumbled across while on his travels, but rather Christ has been diligently searching for us and when he finds us we can be encouraged that he has seen something in us that was worth paying for with his life.

Christ on the other hand, who led a sinless life, perfect is every respect, can afford the great price that is needed, and so this parable also speaks to us of the tremendous price that Christ had to pay for our redemption. We can still take more ideas away with us from this parable by considering the pearl itself. But why not a diamond or another expensive gem? The only natural gem that has more value when it is found than when man has finished with it is the pearl. Man can add nothing to the work of salvation.

We can think of the experiences of the oyster on a spiritual level.

The Pearl of Great Price – Words of Hope

We can make a number of other comparisons to other objects used for teaching in the Bible. We can make another comparison with ourselves, in that the pearl sits in a mass of live but corruptible flesh, and only when the pearl is separated from that and cleaned does it show its true value and glory.

So it is with us, and to a wider extent the church; we are surrounded by and embedded in this corruptible world, but it is not until we separate ourselves and are cleansed from it that we show our true worth. While we remain in the corruptible world we are of no value, but that potential cannot be seen from the outside.

Neville Goddard- The Pearl Of Great Price "Remastered"

The longer the pearl stays in the oyster the more valuable it gets. Finally, another lovely image we get from the oyster is that before we can see the beauty the oyster has to die, it has to be ripped open with a knife in the side. Before we can see the glory of the kingdom of heaven, it was necessary that Christ died for us. We might stumble across the treasure of the kingdom, but why should we want to risk that for only a few will be fortunate enough to stumble across salvation.

What can we do to help ourselves? Well, we need to be more like that merchant, searching for the pearl of great price and once we have found it, paying the price that is required. And how can we do that? The Ethiopian eunuch is a good example for us to follow. Acts We must read the scriptures and study them, we must apply the scriptures to the best of out understanding and also we should be open to what others may have to share concerning the scriptures for with the help of Philip, the Ethiopian was able to further his understanding and subsequently he found his pearl and was baptised.

With readiness of mind the Bereans received the word of God, and they searched their scriptures daily, letting the scriptures act as their authority on all things. Many others showed the attitude required; Cornelius and Lydia for example. He said he would literally beat his head against a wall sometimes He too, had hoped working in the ghettos would answer his quest Then he dropped a "loaded grenade" at my feet.

He asked: "What are you living for?

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What a night to be asked that question! I'd never been asked that before! I had no answer! Especially tonight!

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I swallowed hard. No answer came. I could almost literally feel my "heart" dropping into my big toe. I was totally stumped. I never realized that I had no answer for that question.

Pearl of Great Price – Part 5

I "clutched up my heart" which was by now deeply entrenched in my big toe and said: "I'm living Al then proceeded to tell me his own story of frustration and longing and how he'd tried to fill the void in his life with ghetto service but only one answer satisfied his hurting soul: "Jesus. Al spoke of Jesus as if He were real, a real friend, a real personality who could be consulted and served. If Jesus were real and was who He said he was Of course! There could be no higher purpose than to serve the God of the universe!

A realization of Jesus illuminated my brain, heart, soul, everything in me! It seemed literally like a light bulb had been switched on inside of my being. Al explained about not just believing in Jesus Christ with my mind, but the necessity of "being born again" I was desperately waiting for him to invite me to kneel right at the entrance to the religious center to pray and give my life to Jesus.

I'd been outspoken for everything else He didn't. Instead, after our talk, I rushed home and quickly gave my life Finding the Pearl of Great Price This may also be your answer to your longing for more in your life. This is a long journey.

Passages for Further Study

Not all of you will read this, some of you will. Some of you will find the "Pearl of Great Price. Our friends have found natural pearls in the Mississippi River. Childhood Dreams Somewhere along the line of life, at quite a young age, I had high ideals smashed into me --smashed, but not forced.

These dreams were almost as impossible as finding a pearl of great price. Is it the pearl of great price we're looking for? Is the pearl of great price the truth we're seeking? Looking for a pearl of great price was far from my mind. Looking for any pearl of great price certainly alluded me at this age too.

The hunt for the Pearl of Great Price had begun! But what exactly was I looking for? Yes, I think "purpose" remained elusive and haunted me. It lay buried deep perhaps in some foreign country, some foreign destination, some?? Why did my search for the pearl of great price take me here? Not even a hope of finding the pearl of great price.

Sundays became sleeping in I was getting desperate to find the pearl of great price. But in college That's all I had. Then, a thought popped into my mind Again, another goal The only trouble Too lonely to go to my room I wandered into the religious center that I'd been avoiding by not attending church services , leaned my head against the door and observed a panel discussion of two boys and one girl.

However, something else had.

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What a question! Then a whiff of hope blew into me from "somewhere. Can a person 'live for Jesus? It was a moment of what my children call "epiphany. It all became so clear. I would live for Jesus Christ. That was thirty-six years ago. I have never looked back with regret. Thank you for reading my journey of finding the pearl of great price Yes, the Pearl of Great Price can be found Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure of all.

I promise to use it only to send you KariPearls Newsletter. They both communicate that there is something worth denying self for.

There is some greater prize that is worth selling everything else to obtain. The film depicts a young man with a desire to take his place among the immortals: Charlie Parker, Buddy Rich, and Joe Jones. But I fear that for many in our culture, the whole notion of greatness is too much. Greatness requires too much sacrifice, and so we elevate the mediocre and saturate the market with it.

In the end, many in our culture are not rejecting immortality because of some reasoned consideration but simply by distraction. When everything is a pearl, we forget the beauty of true iridescence. Gem and Alan Fadling ask foundational questions of ourselves and the world around us and then remind us that the best answer is found in Jesus.

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