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Why do you think God asked? God wanted Jacob to admit who he really was.

Long ago, when Jacob claimed to be Esau, he pretended to be someone he was not. Now, God asked Jacob not to redeem himself, not to prove his worth for the blessing, but instead to admit who he was—a liar, a cheat, a deceiver.

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God does not ask you to become someone you are not. It is vain to cover your flaws, change your name, mask your scars, hide your weaknesses and sins. Your salvation is in admitting who you are—all failures and mistakes included. In the wake of your confession, when you understand your need for the Savior, God Himself will change you, redeem you, clothe you in righteousness and bless you. In March of last year, my parents threw a big party.

It was a bit maddening for my mother! Half of her life had already migrated to a new address, while she was expecting up to 80 guests at the old house! But, the dynamics created by the convoluted schedule were magical; it was in the chaos that I found redemption. I plucked a photo album from the stack and flipped through the first several pages.

My own face, barely recognizable stared back at me. There I was, sitting in this same room, ten Christmases past, a shell of myself, a skeleton of a woman. My eyes were haunted by dark gray shadows and ringed with fatigue. Though I must have been watching someone open a gift, there was no light in my eyes. I remember now, calculating how many calories were in that cinnamon roll my mother made me eat and wondering if anyone would notice if I left and went for a run. God says He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Praise Him that I am not so! Because He is, my was, is not my is. And my will be is even better.

One reason for the party was to celebrate the publication of my book. I can see clearly what God has done to redeem my past. Every morning, I sat and sipped coffee with my Dad instead of leaving the house to go for a 20 mile run. I took cat naps with my mother instead of fearing how many pounds I would accumulate while resting. All of these observances culminated on the Saturday afternoon of the party.

These people are part of the reason I am here today. Today is new. I am fuller, happier. I am free from fear of food and compulsory exercise. Today, I see the world as so much bigger than myself. Thank God that I am not the same as I was.

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And even more glorious? God has promised that I cannot conceive of the good things He has planned for me. He has promised that one day I will behold the face of my Savior and I will be like Him 2 Corinthians He has promised me a future and hope. Last year, I recognized redemption. One weekend was a microcosm of the span of my life and I can see clearly how God redeemed me. It is in that context that I am more excited than ever, more grateful than ever that God has redeemed my soul. I love is and new, I am joyful now, but I am ever so excited about what will be. What is one evidence that Christ has made your life new?

Can you use this to share the Gospel with others? What do you think you need to truly feel new? How often do you take a shower?

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  • Hopefully more than once in a lifetime. There are some pretty scary verses in the Bible that demand that we be cleansed from sin. Sounds great right? I know that God is holy; how can I ever be pure enough, clean enough, pure and virtuous enough to lay hold of those awesome promises? I want to know God as Father, to be welcomed by Him and to walk and talk with Him. I wonder if ancient Israel dealt with such fears and guilt under the sacrificial system.

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    After all, the priest constantly offered sacrifices and burnt offerings. Day after day, week after week, year after year, they could walk away from the temple confident that they had cleansed themselves from sin in the blood of a lamb. So what about now?

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    • How do we cleanse ourselves? But then, we must keep ourselves clean. We stand from our knees determined to be better, purer, more God-honoring, cleaner people with set-apart lives. Are we doomed? The word cleanse in 2 Corinthians is katharizo. The interesting thing about the use of the word katharizo in the Gospels is that it nearly always refers to something Jesus did. Specifically, this is the word used when Jesus healed lepers. Cleansing is an action performed by Jesus Christ.

      Hebrews The only way we do this, when we fail, is to anchor ourselves again in the knowledge that we ARE clean, because of Jesus. Below are several more verses that bear this out. I encourage you to look them up, dig The Word yourself and discover your ever-compete cleanliness. And, being the lover of words that I am, I knew that.

      But that was before I knew that Shame has a half-sister and two evil step-daughters. Cast beneath the spotlight of my brilliant younger sister, I quickly discounted anything positive about myself. She was everything I was and more; everything I did she could do better. When we were kids, I quit playing softball and became the bat-girl for her team.

      I quit learning piano and quit the swim team because she did those things better, too.

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      I played the martyr at home, always the one to give in, defer or tap-out. She raised her ugly head in the middle of my battle with anorexia. For fourteen years I excelled at starving.

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      No one wanted to compete with me, but I competed with everyone. I was an excellent anorexic. All the while, shameful thoughts about my body and personal value swam circles in my mind. Fear arrived shortly after my recovery from anorexia as I began to share my testimony for the glory of God and the encouragement of others. When I wrote my book, got a publisher and saw it appear on Amazon, Fear started to mock me. No one is going to buy or read this book. You are going to let down your agent, publisher and family. Everyone has had such high expectations of you and believed you could do this—they are going to be so disappointed.

      I felt sluggish and demoralized for several days, muddling through the successive concussions of fear following the publication of my book.

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      One morning, I opened my Bible to Psalm But Donna Air has now expressed her horror at discovering that images of her are being used on pro-anorexia websites to encourage girls with eating disorders to lose more weight. Celebrities including supermodel Kate Moss, and presenter Fearne Cotton have all featured on the sites, on which anorexics offer tips and motivation to their followers. But those used as pin-ups are largely unaware that their pictures are being used.

      Miss Air is believed to be a UK size 4 and appears to have recently lost weight. We have a healthy body image in my house and great appetites. The intense classes, which last 90 minutes long, take place in around 40 degree heat and are a favourite among celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow. Distraught: Miss Air, who is dating James Middleton, brother of Kate, said she loves all food and always has.