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Atlantis - 46. Hold paa Jabbadoor Sheet Music by Thomas Hoeg

It does get pretty shaky in places; a little washout here and there, but nothing horrible; sound is excellent as always. Disc also includes around minutes of interviews, B-Roll, behind the scenes, etc. Great video with nice picture and clear sound A. Includes menus and chapter stops at all the musical numbers. In Spanish. Germain, Barbara King, Geoffrey Garratt Matinee performance and it includes features like two Gumbies and lyric changes. At the end of the show there is a partial showing of a house recording of the Vienna cast mostly black and white.

It starts out at "Dare you look at a king? A few cuts here and there from the house camera B. Some Generation Loss. Filmed using one camera on a tripod, generation loss, sound directly from the soundboard B. A little shaky at times but otherwise very good A. Grizabella is very young here but good and sounds great. Slightly dark at times but thats the show so its as good as can be. The show starts out with much fanfare and applause, but it took the crowd less than 20 minutes to turn on him, and once they did, the boos and the catcalls just kept slowly escalating.

It was obvious that he found the mounting audience hostility at Radio City a little flabbergasting. There was a giant screen onstage that was displaying the show, and the screen is what the filmer aimed his camcorder at, so it almost looks like it was filmed for broadcast, but in fact it was just being filmed for the audience to see things better.

Excellent sound, video quality is poor due to spotlight washout and generational loss. No zooms-stationary full stage shot. Decent that you can see how everything was staged, 64 video screens, lighted chess board stage. Not a great video however B. Great quality throughout; nice video B. Incredible cast! Very well-shot for the most part. Fairly clear picture.

The camera does sway from the action at a few times, mainly the beginning. Nice close-ups. Pro-Shot video of a great cast with nice zooms and good quality picture and sound. A beautiful capture in wide-screen with action well followed and no black-Outs Sometimes some heads get into the shot but they never obstruct the action.

Very good recording which is sure to be enjoyed by all who watch. Really fun video. It's an older video but still wonderful to watch even with some major generation loss.

Atlantis - 46. Hold paa Jabbadoor Sheet Music by Thomas Hoeg

Camcorder video, shot in black and white; nice quality for its age and with half the cast as understudies B. Recorded from the House camera. Different from Broadway revival, B-. Nice video, interesting because Chita is playing Roxie, not Velma.

Atlantis - Hold paa Jabbadoor scored for Voice/Piano

A little generation loss and whiteouts but nice A. Spencer Filmed from the upper leftside and nice closeups throughout; camcorder video A. Crystal clear picture, sound can be a little quiet in a few places but nothing major A. Excellent performances by all in this well-shot video. Great zooms shot from fairly close in the mezzanine.

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Video starts with "Funny Honey" number. Hall, Roz Ryan. Ebooks and Manuals

Shot from front row mezzanine; no obstructions at all, very clear with lots of closeups. Robu, Jesse Nager Semi pro-shot and a little dark; nice video of slightly altered visualization of current revival and the Oscar-winning movie; great sound. Nice production. Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod A-. Occasional focus issues and heads but nice sound and good picture. Lowe, Gregory Butler Complete show, except for "Mr Cellophane"; act one was filmed from the center mezz, act two from the right side of the mezz. Lots of closeups, no real obstructions. Paige is great, Brenda is sassy, and Woods vocals are wild.

Crystal Clear picture and sound. Good picture and sound throughout; Wilson is as expected, about 2 minutes of blackouts throughout A. Lowe Only video with Usher playing Billy Flynn. Act I is almost entirely either the ceiling of the theatre or just black screen. Act II improves slightly there's a picture but it was filmed from the side and it's mostly a full stage shot.

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This is better to be enjoyed for the audio. A terrific capture of this show with great closeups and excellent sound throughout; Michelle is the highlight here and gives a wonderful performance. Lowe, Michelle Robinson, Donna Marie Asbury A couple minutes total worth of blackouts; coverups mainly in "Roxie" very Joey-focused with very nice close-ups throughout, and clear picture. Full show, including curtain calls. Highlights, about 30 minutes of act 1 from "All that Jazz" to the introduction of Billy Flynn. About 45 minutes of act 2. Filmed form the stalls, a lot of camera wandering and shakiness, but some decent shots.

Includes footage shot backstage during a performance. Very well filmed using a tripod and soundboard. Jai sings "A World Without You" which was cut from the original score. Excellent cast and funny show; good picture and clear sound throughout A. Lots of exclusive interviews and back stage secrets. The flying car is pretty cool. An excellent capture in wide-screen of this fantastic magical production.

Definitely the best capture of the show with a magnificent cast. Features music from both shows in addition to some Pop music. Black and White, and extremely faded, with much generational loss-but an amazing piece of Broadway history.

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This was her return to the theatre after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in Nice clarity and amazingly well filmed for a show this old.