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Openings in the Old Trail. By the time he comes to, the plane has caught fire and is burning around him. Peter has landed nearby and manages to find him.

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The narrator slips into unconsciousness while Peter takes care of him. The next part of the story is filled with the dreams that the narrator has while unconscious in the hospital. He dreams of Peter and the airmen painting funny pictures on their aircraft to distract the Germans. He dreams of fighting his way through a sky filled with German fighter planes.

“A Piece of Cake”

He gets annoyed that the Germans are not laughing at his funny pictures. His plane is shot and some of the bullets penetrate his body. He spirals out of control towards the ocean.

The great switcheroo

During their flight over the Libyan desert, they face troubles and before crashing, the narrator manages to get out of the plane. Eventually, …show more content….

Irony like humour are means of triggering off the euphoric tone throughout the three pages which narrate the accident and make the reader focus on the lightness of the tone rather than the accident. Paradoxically, the euphoric tone is also used to show the consequences of war. What is interesting is that the narrator has difficulties to coordinate his body.